Joe Gaffey


Welcome to my web site. This is where I collect together some of the content that I've scattered across the web.

This includes blog posts and mini-projects usually related to Web Dev, Game Dev, Hardware hacking or some combination of these.

It's mostly for my own use as a kind of memex but you might find something interesting here.

Latest posts


MUlti-SCreen Layout EDitor

New web app provides a 3D workspace to layout and assess the design of your multi-screen envrionment. Matched triples as used in sim racing to start with. Check it out.

FPS Tester

Very quick web app (made while cooking rice) to display browser frame rate. Check it out.

GameOff Wrap-up


Rather than crunch through the last couple of hours of the 2021 GameOff 'Bug' Jam and probably introduce Breaking Bugs (how did I not think of that as a name) I am writing a dev update as a form of retrospective over the month and to outline my plans for the game. More on

Power to the Beetle!


With the the end of the GameOff 2021 Game Jam rapidly approaching I managed to squeeze in one final major feature - Power Ups! More on

Bug vs. Boxes: in-game capture test


Test of the new in-game video capture feature of Bug vs Boxes More on Youtube...

Is that a record?


Coming to that stage of the development where polish, refinement and optimization are key.

Best thing for it then is ostentatious new features of questionable value but unquestionable (ahem) coolness. Yay! More on

Half-Way There!


Half way through the GitHub GameOff game jam and things are actually pretty under control this time around. More on

WebHID DualShock 4


Quick clip of my WebHID DualShock 4 demo. More on Youtube...

Shift-Shift-Forward Episode 1: Game On! (Podcast)


This episode is all about games — the ones we love to play, the ones that inspire our creativity, and the ones that make us want to create our own! More on Glitch...

Biscuit Box Arcade Stick


Got lots of empty biscuit boxes lying around over the holidays? Make use of one with this quick and fun project. More on Instructables...

Modular Arcade Machine


My two boys and I wanted to build an arcade machine but we couldn't decide what type to build between a full stand-up cabinet, a bar-top or a fight-stick style console to plug into a TV. It eventually occurred to us that we could build all three as a modular solution with modules that can be used individually or combined as desired. More on Instructables...

Giant Retro Gamepad


So we decided to make a giant working gamepad... More on Instructables...

Retro Games Challenge


When the April Codepen Challenge turned up with a retro gaming theme I took the opportunity to combine some of my hobbies and get hands on with the latest web technologies by submitting an entry to each week of the challenge. More on Codepen...